Simple Secure Storage

Smart Sync

After using Owl Drive for a few days It will use its predictive technology to sync only the files that you need. This saves space by keeping all unnecessary files o your local hard-drive

Natural Language Search

Finding your files with Owl Drive is extremely easy. With natural language search you can type “the document from last weeks meeting” and Owl will find you exactly what you need.

Encrypted File Storage and Sharing

Owl Drive offers a one click file sharing solution. Just select the file you need and click create shared link. The link has end-to-end encryption so your data is always safe.

How It Works

Just like many other storage services, after installing Owl Drive, you simply put all of your files you want backed up into the Owl Drive Folder. Then Owl starts getting to work. Before anything is uploaded to the WiseSafe Owl servers, Owl begins the file encryption process. Encrypting your files locally first ensures that your files are 100% secure during the upload process. Once the files are encrypted Owl automatically syncs your files to the Owl servers.


Owl Drive was built from the ground up by two former DOD cyber security programmers. Sean and Jessica have brought everything they have learned about security from the private sector for the world to use. They believe everyone has the right to their own digital privacy and security.

Sean Jackson

Starting his career off at a database management organization, Sean quickly found his love for cyber security. Earning a masters in cryptography from Yale he has opened up new possibilities in the world of cyber security. Partnering up with Jessica in 2016 together they brought advanced security to the every day person.

Jessica Dulo

Growing up in a little town in Kansas Jessica spent long nights teaching herself advanced programming languages. Eventually earning a degree in computer engineering from MIT she quickly dove into the world of cyber security hoping to bring advanced security to the every day person.

Lets Do This

20 GB of Storage

  • DOD Level Encryption

  • Desktop and Web App

  • File Sharing

200 GB of Storage

  • Everything From Free

  • Shared Owl Drives

  • Multiple Users

2 TB of Storage

  • Everything From Basic

  • Link Sharing Self Destruction

  • Immediate Tech Support

Our Customers

Just some of the business currently using our product.